Claire Holt & Jessica McNamee for ‘Pink Hope’

Claire Holt and Jessica McNamee took part in the ‘Pink Hope’ Campaign.

@pinkhopeaus: claire holt & jessica mcnamee join forces for our Pinky Promise campaign 👯 we love bringing genuine best friends together for a powerful message “having your besties back when it comes to health is THE most important thing you can do” #bffpinkypromise

Pinky Promise ~ Jessica & Claire 🌸Why is Pinky Promise important to you?

🌸JESSICA: “Health is really important to me and women’s health in general. Mine and Claire’s relationship is also founded in working out and with a wellness-aspect, so we truly value our health. I think it’s really important that women talk about health and wellness and hold each other accountable.”

🌸CLAIRE: “It’s important to be able to have amazing friends to always lean on, and always count on someone when it comes to your health.”

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Photoshoots > 2017 > Pink Hope Campaign (Gemma Peanut)

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