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Hi everyone! I’m Hannah, the new owner to Claire Holt Fan. I spent this morning adding content to this web site, and now the navigation is fully functional. In addition I updated the gallery since there has been no sign of updates since September last year.

I want to thank the host for letting me take over this fan site as I truly adore Claire – miss seeing her on TV!! I will do my best to deliver the absolute latest on Claire Holt to you all. I have already set up the theme in the gallery to match the main site. Check back soon for more updates!

(19/08) Lunch in West Hollywood

Gallery Link:
Candids > 2018 > (19/08) Lunch in West Hollywood.

Elephante Launch Party

47 Meters Down Los Angeles Premiere

Claire Holt attended the 47 Meters Down Premiere in Los Agneles on June 6, 2017.

The Originals : Season 4 Bloopers

Pink Hope

Claire pour Pink Hope avec Jessica McNamee

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > 2017 > Pink Hope.

Emily Knecht for Coveteur

Nouveau photoshoot de Claire pour Coveteur!

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > 2017 > Emily Knecht for Coveteur.

The Originals : S04E11 Stills

Gallery Link:
Television Productions > The Originals (2013-2017) > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4.11 – A Spirit Here That Won’t Be Broken.

(12/05) Oliver Peoples 30th Anniversary party in Los Angeles

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > 2017 > (12/05) Oliver Peoples 30th Anniversary party in Los Angeles.

(20/04) In West Hollywood

Gallery Link:
Candids > 2017 > (20/04) In West Hollywood.

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